FLEX Opportunities Challenge – Open Minds

“Minds are like parachutes, they only function when they are open.”

James Dewar

Open minds are fostered when we incorporate areas of interests and make learning, working and engaging motivating! As expressed by a recent Summer Training participant,

“I take an interest in my student’s interest. I go out of my way to make sure to learn the things they like and don’t like. I will make sure to add in their interest into some of those challenges in the classroom. I also like to give them choice in the classroom.
They have the activities that they know they have to complete but they have the freedom to be able choose how those activities are completed. I also have a number of early finisher areas that play into many interests [writing, art, math, reading, relaxing/calming] (mostly with hidden STEAM because I love STEAM and feel like it isn’t incorporate enough into daily activities).
I connect with families before and after and even during school. I keep an open door policy to volunteers, or learning strategies for parents, or even just the open communication, both positive and negative (but also provide a solution). I mainly focus on building that relationship piece prior to any formal instruction.
I firmly believe that if the family and student do not feel like they are cared for, they will not learn at their maximum potential.”

2020 HANDS Summer Training Participant

A key part of getting to know one another is learning more about our interests, motivators, and things we are working towards or enjoy! Often, we use a reinforcer checklist or interest inventory to learn more about our students or employees including the activities or items they enjoy and the materials with less interest .

Similarly, we may use a vision statement to share about ourselves as we start a class or a job. Let us know how you share information about yourself or ways you get to know your students and peers!

Upload a sample document you share, make note of a key strategy or reinforcer you want to let people know about, or share a tip that you would share with others getting to know you, your child or their students.

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