FLEX Opportunities Challenge Winner – Melinda Powers

A big HANDS hooray for Melinda Powers, special education teacher, as the FLEX Opportunities Challenge winner!

Melinda Powers’ Classroom

Melinda shared the following tips, tools and strategies for ways she gets to know her students:

“We love to use the Reinforcer/Sensory Considerations Checklists to get to know our students! These can be very beneficial when planning for the upcoming year. It can make the transition to a new building easier as well.

We utilize a combination of Reinforcer Checklists, Sensory Considerations checklists, Choice Data, Schedule Mapping, and Informal Assessments to get to know our students. We also send home a questionnaire to the parents of our students prior to the beginning of the year to make the transition to the middle school easier. We use the Staff Area Assessment Forms and Staff Training Preferences to get to know our staff. It makes people feel valued when we seek their input. By incorporating student interests, learning becomes motivating and engaging.”

Melinda Powers

Our Next FLEX Opportunity Challenge

“Everyone has a mountain to climb and autism has not been my mountain, it has been my opportunity for victory.”

-Rachel Barcelona, 10 inspiring quotes from people with autism

Educating and helping others understand autism or ASD is among one of our most essential service and community duties. With a prevalence of 1-2% of the population (CDC, 2020), each of us will have opportunity to work with or be influenced by ASD whether as a family member or caregiver, professional, community member, or individual with ASD.

As a recent intensive training participant noted, “trainings and experience with ASD” could not be a more worthwhile effort or necessary step towards improved outcomes for any role. Training and information can be shared through resources debunking myths related to ASD, showcasing areas of strength and ways to support, handouts, trainings, and more.

How do you share information about ASD with those around you?

Share with us how you train or support increased awareness and understanding of autism or ASD for those around you by October 25 for your chance to be our next featured FLEX Opportunities Challenge winner!

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