#GivingTuesdayNow and How You Can Support Us

giving tuesday logoIn response to the unprecedented needs created by COVID-19, today has been designated #GivingTuesdayNow. This global day of giving calls for us to be our very best—to support our communities, show up for our neighbors, and come together as one to show that our unity is stronger than fear or distance.

Please donate today to help us continue our work.  Some great ways your donation could make a difference include:

  • $5 can provide a parent or teacher with a visual support that will smooth transitions for their child or student across settings.
  • $18 can send a set of materials to school staff, bus drivers, or a medical office to build awareness and share practical tools and strategies.
  • $50 can provide a teacher, staff member, or parent to a one-day workshop to learn strategies and supports they can immediately and practically put in place.
  • $75 can give a family member or provider access to a remote consultation to discuss practical strategies and supports for immediate use with an individual with ASD.
  • $450 can provide a school provider, job coach, or family member the opportunity to attend a remote or live multi-day intensive training that focuses on observing and learning to apply evidence-based practices across settings through interactive and hands-on activities, practice, feedback, coaching, and support from HANDS trainers.
  • Other options for contribution include support of research, technology, and facilities as well as faculty and staff development.

Help us support individuals, families and the wide range of other consumers that we serve!

To donate, click the button below:

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