My Experiences During the Outbreak

Articles and Antics, with Matthias

   Photo of TrainingPersonally I wasn’t expecting the spread of the corona virus to be so devastating and so quick; I thought, with social distancing, that containing and dealing with the outbreak would be easier and quicker than it seems now, so I was taken aback by the severity of the pandemic.  One thing that I was frustrated by was the fact that I couldn’t come into work for half a month; however, I was fine with that, I do spend a lot of time at and/or near a hospital after all, but I was still a little frustrated when I found out it being pushed back even further.

   I’ll admit, I was initially frustrated by this, but then I realized that there were people going through worse in the midst of all of this so I decided to count my blessings instead of moping.  Besides, I was able to get a lot done at home such as getting our new garden in, lots of yard work, etc.

   I also spent a lot of time at my grandfather’s in the country, mostly helping him out with a lot of tasks he was having trouble getting done.  The isolation and fresh air was rather nice for staying healthy and I was able to clear my head and relax while there. 

  Getting all of these done has definitely been a good way of keeping me sane, it really helps when I have something productive to do; I honestly think this quarantine was a blessing in disguise: it’s helped me reevaluate my spiritual life and given me time to spend reading my bible.  I hope to get back to work soon; however, I’ve been making the best of my situation.

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