FLEX Skills Challenge – Fave Holiday Snack

Share Your Fave Holiday Snack!

Planning for a small party or a meal for yourself is an important independent living skill as it requires planning and prepping meals or snacks, following recipes, and to navigate the steps needed (e.g., shopping list, ordering, getting, paying) to ensure you have the materials needed for snacks and meals. These skills foster both improved physical and mental health and overall well-being. Being able to cook and prep snacks and meals helps in making good nutritional choices and is something to be proud of in being able to prep and plan your own menu.

Are you ready for the holiday season?

Share your favorite holiday snack recipe as part of Flex Skills Challenge – Fave Holiday Snack!

  1. upload a cooking video,
  2. sharing a picture (or several!) of your favorite holiday snack
  3. sharing your favorite recipe, OR 
  4. making note of your favorite food, snack or meal.

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