Regional Learning Opportunities – March Local Community Cadre Update

To support the Local Community Cadres (LCCs) in meeting their regional goals, HANDS in Autism® collaborates with the cadres to identify learning opportunities to meet their identified needs. While hosted by the different LCC regions, these FREE learning opportunities are open to all wishing to participate, regardless of LCC engagement.

Next Steps Workshops

next steps online

The Next Steps™ workshop is a discussion-based workshop in which the team from HANDS in Autism® discuss general information about diagnosis, adjusting to diagnosis, and how to make appropriate treatment decisions. A comprehensive manual is distributed during the workshop (one per household). No direct or individual consultation on treatment decisions will be given.

Next Steps™ is primarily designed for primary caregivers who have a child that has recently been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, this workshop is also beneficial for other caregivers, educational or therapy professionals, medical providers, and other adult family members. Learn more and register to attend one of the upcoming workshops today.

Make-It Take-It Workshops

make it take it online

This workshop series is designed to educate participants about evidence-based strategies, learn how to use these strategies with individuals with ASD across settings, as well as to discuss and plan various materials tailored for the individual(s) you know.

These interactive workshops provide an opportunity to learn about and create tools used to support individuals with ASD. Each session will focus on a different area of interest. Learn more and register to attend one of the upcoming workshops today.

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