Local Community Cadres Continue to Raise Awareness about Autism in Their Communities

LCC Map of Indiana

Each of the HANDS in Autism® Local Community Cadres (LCC) continue to develop strategies to assist in improving awareness about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in order to improve outcomes and quality of life for individuals in their community with ASD.

Several regions have already identified a resource they will disseminate as a strategy to assist them with their regional cadre goals. In the next quarter, those LCCs will be reviewing the outcomes data surrounding dissemination of their chosen resource to determine the effectiveness of their efforts. Check out the progress of the LCCs below.

For additional information about the LCCs and how they collaboratively partner with HANDS in Autism® to identify and address the ASD needs in their community, visit our LCC webpage. If you want to learn how you can become engaged with your local cadre, let us know by clicking here

Cadre Updates (click/tap to expand)

Central LCC
Next Meeting: Apr 22

Primary Cadre Goal: Facilitate access to resources and supports across the lifespan of individuals with ASD, with focus on transition-aged youth.

Secondary Cadre Goal: Build ASD awareness across organizations to breakdown communication barriers that impact individuals with ASD.

Community Dissemination Resource: Supporting Employees with Autism and Related Disabilities Toolkit

Primary Targets: Employees with ASD, employers, job coaches, skills trainers, educators and families.
East LCC
Next Meeting: March 4

Primary Cadre Goal: Increase advocacy and self-advocacy for individuals with ASD (with a focus on those of transition age).

Secondary Cadre Goal: Increase access to education and resources for families, caregivers and professionals supporting individuals of transition age.

Community Dissemination Resource: Sensory Man Flyer

Primary Targets: School personnel, families and caregivers, individuals with ASD, medical personnel, first responders and other community providers
North Central
Next Meeting: March 11

Primary Cadre Goal: Improve local capacity to support and engage individuals with ASD and related disabilities, their families, and professionals working with individuals across varying roles and capacities, through increased access to needed information, resources, and training.

Secondary Cadre Goal: Need for general knowledge and understanding about ASD across the community.

Community Dissemination Resource: Cadre work is ongoing to identify a targeted resource strategy.

Primary Targets: General community awareness across systems and stakeholders
Next Meeting: May 20

Primary Cadre Goal: Increase awareness about and access to available ASD resources in the region, with focus on transition age youth and schools.

Secondary Cadre Goal: Provide opportunities for specialized/targeted ASD training for individuals, providers, families, and others in the community to increase awareness and understanding of ASD and how to best to support individuals with ASD and their families and caregivers.

Community Dissemination Resource: People with Autism May… Autism Information Card and the My Friend with Autism May… Bookmark (More information to come).

Primary Targets: Educators (special ed and general ed), students, administrators, school correction officers, VR and skills trainers, families and transition specialists
Next Meeting: April 8

Primary Cadre Goal: Increase ASD awareness and access to resources for families and caregivers.

Secondary Cadre Goal: Increased community access to ASD training & resources to create a common language and understanding about ASD and available supports in the community.

Community Dissemination Resource: Work ongoing in the cadre to identify a targeted resource strategy.

Primary Targets: General community awareness across all systems and stakeholders, with emphasis on families and caregivers.
Next Meeting: May 6

Primary Cadre Goal: Increase community awareness of dual-diagnosis of ASD and mental illness, as well as access to needed services and supports.

Secondary Cadre Goal: Increase cross-system ASD awareness and communication in the community.

Community Dissemination Resource: Sensory Man Poster (Resource in development for this purpose- More information to come).

Primary Targets: Educators, mental health providers, students, classroom (peers), families and caregivers
Next Meeting: April 1

Primary Cadre Goal: Provide training opportunities and resources to increase ASD awareness and support work of professionals in the community, with focus on First Responders.

Secondary Cadre Goal: Increase community networking and collaboration across systems that enables increased efficacy and efficiency in assisting and caring for individuals with ASD and their families.

Community Dissemination Resource: Misconception and Facts Flyer(Resource in development for this purpose- More information to come).

Primary Targets: Service personnel (first responders, medical, dental, etc.), families and caregivers, educators, students, early interventionists and ABA providers

Free, LCC-hosted Learning Opportunities 

Quarterly, each LCC is offered a targeted learning opportunity in their community that meets their identified regional ASD needs for ASD information and awareness-building. Currently all of the LCC learning opportunities are provided online, making the event accessible to all who want to participate. Here’s a few of the upcoming LCC-hosted learning opportunities: 

March 11 (3:00pm – 5:00pm EST) Southeast LCC-Hosted Next Steps Workshop

March 25 (3:00pm – 5:00pm EST) Schedules & Work Systems Make-It Take-It Workshop

April 1 (3:00pm – 5:00pm EST) Southeast LCC-Hosted Sensory Make-It Take-It Workshop

Keep an eye out for upcoming LCC Events by visiting our HANDS Calendar 

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