School/Community Consultation Elective for Medical Students, Residents, and Fellows

The supervising staff for the School/Community Consultation Elective is Dr. Naomi Swiezy and Dr. Tiffany Neal. You may follow other HANDS in Autism® staff through various components of the program but will have opportunity to debrief with Dr. Swiezy and/or Dr. Neal after these experiences by arrangement of mutually effective times for meeting.

To ensure the best experience, we request that contact is made with Dr. Swiezy at least one month prior to the proposed start date of the experience to provide time to collaboratively design a workable plan for completion dependent upon the proposed goals outlined. Many experiences are not available every week so planning ahead is essential.

During the School Consultation experience you will complete steps 1 and 2 and then complete any combination of 3 days of the options presented in 3 and 4:

  1. Complete assigned readings (e.g., Bridging for Collaboration article and/or others)
  2. Complete online web-modules (3) designed for medical providers OR watch “What is Autism” DVD
  3. Observe/shadow at least one session (approx. 4 hours) in one of the following:
    • in the HANDS classroom during a three-day or week-long intensive training week while students are present
    • during a HANDS clinic session utilizing the HANDS classroom or functional skills area and related to school-based issues and concerns
    • during a work day for a HANDSmade™ supported employment staff/students
  4. Observe/shadow at a collaborative/demonstration program within the community with Dr. Swiezy and/or other HANDS trainers during visits involving observation, rounding, data collection, and/or consultation/provision of recommendations
  5. Other experiences that can be added to enrich your experience:
    • Complete more than the three required days in 3 and 4
    • Attend workshops/trainings conducted for parents/teachers and with content relevant to work in or partnering with schools
    • Participate in current research/writing projects conducted at HANDS OR propose own project
    • Discuss current options based upon HANDS trainings events and schedule
    • Propose alternative options to Dr. Swiezy/Neal