About Art Expo

While the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continues to rise, needs related to community awareness still exist. Given the range of strengths, challenges, and needs that exist for individuals with ASD, the education and awareness of caregivers, teachers, providers, peers, and community members who support such individuals is primary form of intervening with individuals and families with ASD. Interactive experiences, such as this expo, provide an opportunity to highlight the strengths of individuals with ASD while promoting a more accepting, engaging, and supportive community for individuals with ASD.

For nine years, our goal for the Art Expo has been to provide you with a glimpse into the minds of individuals with ASD. With social interaction being a primary area of challenge for individuals with ASD, communication through art provides an excellent means for expression. As a mother of one of the artists who participated in our past expo said, “Kids on the spectrum don’t need to be “cured”. They aren’t sick, they are just wired differently and if given a chance, they will amaze you.

Thank you to all artists and visitors for a great expo!

2019 Autism Art Expo: In the Details