Bullying and Dealing with Crowds

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Question: What would you like to discuss this fall? Share the topics you may be interested in and we will write them down!

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Today, we will discuss a couple of issues: noisy crowds and bullying in public places. But first let’s play an escape room game. There are some questions that will require extra hints. Click on the submit button on the slides to get to hints.

Escape the Clique

Great job escaping!

Question: What is in common between cliques and bullying? Share your thoughts.

What is bullying?

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New question: Do you think bullying only happens at school? Where else may it happen?

Question: Do you think some people mix teasing and bullying?

Great job answering. Now, let’s explore ways to stop teasing and bullying!

How to Respond to Teasing and Bullying

Depending on what happens when we are bullied, we may feel embarrassed! Even though you may know that you should not be, it may still happen. Let’s explore how to deal with embarrassment.

How to Deal with Embarrassment

Why We Need a Plan?

We cannot control a lot of things, like bullies in public places or loud noises, or when somebody is being mean to us. But what we can do is having a plan on how we control our own reactions.

  1. When possible try to avoid the situation that may lead to bullying or that could make you anxious or upset.
  2. If you cannot avoid, such situations, plan ahead how you can calm yourself down. What strategy helps you calm down? Share with us!
  3. How can you respond to bullying? What strategies could you use that we discussed today?