LCC Region Updates for Final Quarter of 2020

The NeuroDiagnostic Institute Adolescent Autism Services Unit – HANDS in Autism® Involvement towards Impact on Community Training, Transition, and Support

This interview is recorded with Dr. Naomi Swiezy, the director for HANDS in Autism® Interdisciplinary Training and Resource Center and Dr. Tiffany Neal, the assistant director for the HANDS in Autism® Center to learn more about the role of HANDS in Autism® in the Neurodiagnostic Institute initiative. Transcript The NeuroDiagnostic Institute and Advanced Treatment Center,

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Local Community Cadres Continue to Raise Awareness about Autism in Their Communities

Each of the HANDS in Autism® Local Community Cadres (LCC) continue to develop strategies to assist in improving awareness about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in order to improve outcomes and quality of life for individuals in their community with ASD. Several regions have already identified a resource they will disseminate as a strategy to assist

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