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What is Autism... (1.25 credits)

  • Learn about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their history, as well as signs, causes, prognosis, and co-occurring problems. The informative material will be beneficial for medical professionals as well as families of individuals on the spectrum.

Evidence-Based Practices (1.25 credits)

  • Learn about evidence-based practices, treatment evaluation, quality program indicators, and more. This information will help better support families of individuals on the spectrum.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: First Concerns (1.25 credits)

  • Learn about first concerns, signs, and symptoms of ASD including best practices in assessment, developmental screeners, ASD screeners, the implications of a medical diagnosis, and potential questions from caregivers along with proposed responses.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Referral (1.25 credits)

  • Learn about the role of a healthcare provider in extending care to an individual with ASD and their family

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Best Practices for Successful Office Visit (1.25 credits)

  • Learn about the general learning style of an individual with ASD and to create a more successful office visit when the care provider has capitalized upon the individual’s areas of strength and interest. The strengths and learning styles of individuals with ASD are evident in the positive responses and outcomes that are derived from the use of strategies and supports that build upon such skills.

Your Next Patient Has ASD: Tips & Strategies (1.25 credits)

  • Learn about tips and strategies that could be implemented in a medical office to accomodate individuals with an ASD

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