Autism Art Expo

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2021 Autism Art Expo “Resilient”

It’s time to celebrate the 11th Annual Autism Art Expo! The expo is a celebration of Autism Awareness Month through the creative expression by and in support of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

This year, we are holding the event online for safety. This means no matter how big your artwork, or where you are from, you can join in this celebration!

Join in on the fun as we post artwork ideas and highlight some of the artwork from past and present expos on our Facebook Page

Art Submissions

Artists with ASD, as well as those who want to support Autism Awareness Month are encouraged to submit artwork of any medium to be displayed online as part of the 11th Annual Autism Art Expo! Group submissions are also encouraged.

Send us photos and videos of your paintings, drawings, poetry, crafts, group activities, music, dance, and digital media!

We also want folks to send us videos that answer the question “What does being resilient mean to me?”.

View the artwork from 2020 in our collection on Pressbooks

Please email us at with any questions.

Tips for Photographing Your Artwork

While we are happy to tweak artwork that is submitted to make sure it is displayed in the most accurate and polished way possible, there are some things you can do to make you artwork look its best. For non-photographers, the following tips may help you.

  1. Use a camera or cell phone that takes good pictures.
  2. Make sure the place where you are taking pictures has plenty of light.
  3. Adjust the location of the artwork and the camera so that there are no shadows or light glares showing up in the photo.
  4. Take pictures as close to straight-ahead as you can, instead of at an angle.
  5. Try placing the artwork flat on the ground and standing above it if you have trouble with the artwork leaning against the wall.
  6. If you have drawings and access to a photo/document scanner, this is also a good way to capture the art. Make sure the settings are on “photo” and “high resolution”.