Communities of Practice


Our communities of practice are a network of current participants and alumni of intensive trainings and/or collaborative classrooms where participants can share and integrate diverse knowledge, experiences, perspectives, attitudes, and practices.  While members will all bring varying levels of knowledge and experience, the value of the community is in a flexible, dynamic, and inclusive environment that embraces learning, creative thinking, and problem solving through:

  • New opportunities that foster sharing and value multiple perspectives
  • New solutions as a result of the inclusive environment that fosters inquiry, critical thinking, innovation through creative problem solving, knowledge generation and co-construction
  • Ongoing support of members to help each other grow through innovation, risk taking, and community transformation as well as connecting people, ideas, and actions towards meaningful progress and outcomes for individuals with autism spectrum disorder, their families, and a wider net of professionals and community members involved in the lives of individuals with ASD across lifespan and settings.