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  • Regional Learning Opportunities – March Local Community Cadre Update
    To support the Local Community Cadres (LCCs) in meeting their regional goals, HANDS in Autism® collaborates with the cadres to identify learning opportunities to meet their identified needs. While hosted by the different LCC regions, these FREE learning opportunities are open to all wishing to participate, regardless of LCC engagement. Next Steps Workshops The Next Steps™ workshop is a discussion-based workshop in which the team from HANDS in Autism® discuss general information about diagnosis, adjusting to diagnosis, and how to make appropriate treatment decisions. A comprehensive manual is distributed during the workshop (one per household). No direct or individual consultation

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  • Local Community Cadres Continue to Raise Awareness about Autism in Their Communities
    Each of the HANDS in Autism® Local Community Cadres (LCC) continue to develop strategies to assist in improving awareness about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in order to improve outcomes and quality of life for individuals in their community with ASD. Several regions have already identified a resource they will disseminate as a strategy to assist them with their regional cadre goals. In the next quarter, those LCCs will be reviewing the outcomes data surrounding dissemination of their chosen resource to determine the effectiveness of their efforts. Check out the progress of the LCCs below. For additional information about the LCCs

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