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Move into 2020 with Purpose!

In 2019, the Central, East, Northeast, and Southeast LCCs each went through a locally held and engaging process to reorganize, rethink and refine the efforts of their cadres. These efforts fostered the development of strategic goals and strategies for their communities in the coming year.

This year, we will work with the Northwest, North Central and Southwest LCCs to host Regional Autism LCC Summits

so that together we can identify local needs and find ways to foster collaborations that better support individuals with ASD, their families, caregivers, employers and service providers.

More information coming soon!

Core Four Implemented

To facilitate these goals, HANDS in Autism® works closely with each cadre in efforts centered around collaboration and networking, dissemination, training, and information sharing, to support movement forward. Such efforts include regional LCC meetings, support in resource dissemination, community training events and interactive activities, such as Next Steps™ Trainings and Make-it Take-it events.

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