Sensory Kits

How To Donate Items for Sensory Kits…

  1. Explore items to purchase on our wishlists on Amazon or Oriental Trading
  2. From the wishlist, “Add to cart” which item(s) you would like to donate
  3. If using Amazon: In your cart, make sure the box is checked next to “this is a gift” for the item being purchased
  4. Change the shipping address to:
    • 1002 Wishard Blvd, Suite 1021, Indianapolis, IN 46202
  5. If using Amazon: Under “Choose Gift Options”, make sure the ‘From’ field is filled out with your name or chapter – so we can thank you!
  6. If using Oriental Trading: When checking out, make sure to “Add a Gift Message” with your name or chapter – so we can thank you!
  7. Once received, these items will be put together by our HANDSmade™ interns!

How To Assemble Items for Sensory Kits…

  1. If you haven’t already received (or submitted a request to receive) items for the sensory kits, you can do so by filling out the above form
    • Reason for this request: “Purchase sensory items and assemble sensory kits as part of an event”
    • HANDS will provide the bags and inserts for each sensory kit
  2. Once received, determine which age group each sensory kit is for (we focus on 3 main age groupings: under 5, 5-10, and 11+)
  3. Place 2-4 sensory items in a bag, along with the provided insert, making sure the item is appropriate for the age range (due to choking hazards)
    • Please Note: A sensory kit should target several senses, such as tactile (e.g., pop bracelets, koosh balls), visual (e.g., spinner, expanding spheres), and, if available, olfactory (e.g., scented toys)
  4. Deliver the finished products to the HANDS office or arrange for one of our staff to pick up
Sensory Kit Ages 4 and Under
Ages: Under 5
Sensory Kit Ages 5-10
Ages: 5-10
Sensory Kit Ages 11+
Ages: 11+

How To Distribute Items for Sensory Kits…

  1. If you are in need of kits to distribute, you can request the number needed, whether for an event or individually, by filling out the above form
    • Reason for this request: “Request a sensory kit for personal use (FREE)”
  2. After you submit the form, you will receive the kit(s) as well as instructions to assist with education towards awareness and acceptance