Community Connections – Public Transportation

Today, we will explore types of public transportation, how to behave on a bus, safety tips, as well as (if we have time left) how to find a bus route to a preferred place!

Icebreaker: Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Whether you are new to these sessions or a seasoned participant, we would like to get to know you better! Let’s play a game!

1. Choose your game piece: go to Jamboard

2. Decide who goes first. Let’s decide by the date of birth. The oldest person moves first.

3. Teacher rolls the dice: 

What is Public Transportation?

Let’s explore together.

1. Open the presentation in Google Slides, by clicking HERE

2. Click Presentation in the upper right corner

3. Click on the speaker sign if you want to hear the text.

Now, let’s check how well you understood the text:

1. DOWNLOAD the file

2. Read the question and select your answer

How to Use Public Transportation

Taking a Bus: Rules and Tips

Can I Do This On the Bus?

How to Stay Safe on the Bus

If Time: Which Bus Route to Take?

If public transportation is available where you live, you can use it to get to places you need. Let’s practice!

  1. Download the instructions
  2. Go to: This is a bus company sites that operates in Indianapolis.