Resources for Educators (COVID and more!)

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, educators are filling more roles than ever. Looking for resources as you navigate this uncertain reality where there is a hybrid of virtual and in-person needs to satisfy? How do you keep the progress you’ve already made in the school year while making new lessons? We have many activity templates that are great idea prompts for activities, along with extensive how-tos on the best evidence-based practices. 

New for YOU:

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To support educators at these uncertain times, we are rolling out a set of elearning opportunities to meet your professional development needs. The courses will be available via IU’s canvas LMS .

Upon the successful completion of a course, you will get a certificate of completion that you can submit towards your CE.

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Outside Resources:

The following are materials or guiding documents that you may find helpful at this time.

Stay informed:

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Academia Series:

Our Academia template series focuses on activities that teach useful skills to students while demonstrating helpful techniques to educators. All are FREE to download through our shop. (see 3 examples below).