Disclosure and Self-Advocacy

Energizer: Pass the Imaginary Question Ball

1. If you are the first person to pass the ball, hold your hands as if you are holding a ball. You can decide how big it is! 

2. Share 1 thing (quality, trait, characteristic, things you like or hate) that you think is unique to you, and 1 thing (quality, trait, characteristic, things you like or hate) that you think is similar to others.

3. Say the name of the person you are going to pass the ball. Wait until the person says “Ready,” then pretend to throw a ball to that person.

4. If you are the person to catch the ball,

  • pretend that you are catching it. Try to keep the size of the imaginary ball.
  • Do you have things in common with the peers who shared before you? Which ones?
  • Share 1 thing that you think is unique or special about you, and 1 thing that you think is similar to others. Try to share different things than your peers before you (see step 2).

Let’s do 3-4 rounds! Were you surprised by how many different and similar qualities we have?

Let’s Review: What Is Self-Advocacy?

Part of your self-advocacy, you need to decide if you want or need to disclose your disability.

Disability Disclosure

Let’s Learn More about Self-Advocacy and Disability Disclosure!


To Disclose or Not to Disclose?

Disclosure from Personal Points of View

Disclosure or Complaining

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