Elevators, Escalators & Bathrooms: Unspoken Social Rules

Fun Icebreaker: Getting to Know YOU!


  1. Everybody chooses their avatar
  2. When is your birthday? The first person to move is the one whose birthday is the closest. Then, the person with the later birthday and so on.
  3. Teacher rolls the virtual dice: https://freeonlinedice.com/
  4. Count the circles and move your avatar there. Click on the circle to get your questions. Repeat steps 3 and 4.

Elevator Etiquette: Let’s Practice

Last week, we have covered some key rules about elevator etiquette. Let’s review them and practice!

Escalator Social Rules

Escalator etiquette is pretty simple! No horseplay or any other activity that can be dangerous for you and others; AND stay on the right if you do not plan to walk up the escalator! Let’s check out this video:

Public Bathroom Social Rules

Start with introductory videos and questions when you get to the menu slide. We will use the rest of the time to work on this.