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Next Steps Workshop

This workshop is intended to provide comprehensive information regarding ASD, family considerations, rights and regulations, best practices and practical strategies, and collaboration pointers.to caregivers with children with an ASD diagnosis but is also beneficial to families with children with other disabilities and to medical, community and educational professionals working with children of a wide range of disabilites.

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Early Childhood Program & Caregiver Training (2-6 y.o. children)

Do you have a 2-6 year old who is experiencing learning and/or behavioral challenges in their daycare, preschool and/or home environment which is impeding learning to potential? Would you benefit from seeing demonstration of best practices within a classroom environment and targeting a couple of specific learning and/or behavioral objectives?

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Week-Long Intensive Training

The intensive week-long training for families and caregivers enables families the opportunity to observe and shadow HANDS trainers implementing best practice interventions within a simulated classroom while also having the opportunity to apply many strategies learned in real-time application with their child and/or other children participating in the week-long event. Participants learn information not only about the learning styles of individuals with ASD, but information pertinent to proactive, consequence-based and skills training interventions as well as concepts such as advocacy, collaboration and data-driven decision making. Caregivers are provided with the option to register as a caregiver-child pair or as an individual parent with opportunity to observe, shadow and interact with children of other caregivers.

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Parent-Child Dyad Programming (Transition & Vocational Training)

o Are you working through transition goals with your school or educational placement for your child? Is your child ready to begin or have they been working on vocational and community living skills? Are there social, communication, learning and/or behavioral challenges in their setting which is impeding their progress or may be barriers to achieving their potential? Would you benefit from seeing demonstration of best practices within a classroom environment and/or vocational setting targeted towards specific vocational, functional, community living, learning and/or behavioral objectives?

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Webinar Series for Home & Community

Access a range of webinars covering the essentials of supporting individuals with ASD at home and in the community.

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Intensive, Short Course for Families and Caregivers

The intensive short course formats consist of 6-session courses covering foundational academic, functional, and behavioral principles. Material will be presented through a combination of lecture, discussion, video, role play, and group exercises.

Annual subscription options are available.

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Programming for Inclusion

After-school programming includes both individual and group formats. Programming is informed through skill-based assessment and involves a combination of goal-directed tutoring, general skills teaching, and training specific to the identified academic, behavioral, and functional needs. Group formats will be driven by integrated needs such that individuals involved within the group are working on individualized yet complementary goals. Participants are school-aged ranging from 6 to 22 years of age.

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Membership Options

Are you looking for resources and materials to support individuals across developmental disabilities? Do you need access to strategies and techniques that could be implemented right away? Could you or your team benefit from having new strategies and techniques explained in clear terms? Join HANDS in Autism® today and empower yourself and your team!

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Explore a wide variety of tools, manuals, and resources that culd be utilized across settings.

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