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Join the HANDS in Autism® Team to learn more about characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Ongoing training opportunities for edcucational and medical professionals, support personnel, and families

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Tools & Resources

We offer numerous tools & resources to support individuals with ASD

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Employment Opportunities

Be a part of an innovative and passionate interdisciplinary team conducting statewide service, training and research activities! HANDS in Autism® has a number of current and upcoming employment possibilities:

Available Positions waiting on posting:

  • Care Coordinator
  • Behavioral Consultant: Consultant licensed or license eligible and master’s level with background in Special Education, Psychology, social work, counseling or behavior analysis, and
  • Behavioral Data Technician, bachelor’s level
  • Multimedia Specialist, Bachelor's level
  • Master’s Level Professional with interest and expertise in training adolescent and young adults for post-secondary education and/or employment

If you are or know anyone who might fit these descriptions, please contact Dr. Naomi Swiezy to determine current opportunities.

Student and Internship Positions available!

HANDS is looking for dedicated students, interns, residents and post-doctoral fellows to fill specific roles within our organization. This is a great way for students to gain additional experience and exposure as part of their programming, electives, rotations, and/or educational experiences!

We are looking for...
  • Program Assistant
  • Research Assistant
  • Practicum, Internship, or Fieldwork Placements
  • To fill out an application, click here.

    For more information on the student positions, view PDF.

    Indiana Autism Needs Assessment


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    • What do you think about the current resources and services for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Indiana?
    • What has worked in supporting families, caregivers, and individuals with ASD? What has not?
    • What changes do you think should be made?

    HANDS in Autism® at the IU School of Medicine is currently reviewing and seeking input on the current resources and services available for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and the families and professionals that support them. As part of these efforts, the HANDS in Autism® Center is looking for input from anyone who may be personally affected by ASD or who has a connection or role in supporting or serving individuals with ASD. All responses will be confidential with only summary data being shared with the State. After you finish the survey, you will be given an additional opportunity to participate through telephone interviews and/or web-based conference calls or live groups from areas across the state.

    Results from the survey will assist in informing the successes, challenges, and needs among groups who are affected by and support individuals with ASD. Each part of the process is essential in making recommendations and informing areas of success and need in your community and across the state. Your participation is highly valued!

    To complete the Indiana Autism Needs Assessment, click on the following link:
    English Version -
    Spanish Version -

    For questions about the survey or current efforts, please feel free to contact the HANDS in Autism® Center at hands at

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