Local Community Cadres (LCCs)

What is Local Community Cadre (LCC)?

LCC map with chaptersLocal Community Cadres (LCCs) are global community networks of families and professionals invested in serving individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities. LCC members share a common mission to facilitate, bridge, and collaborate across systems to enable greater community systems of support as well as increased capacity to support student success in the home, school, and community settings.

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Currently, eight cadre chapters are operating throughout Indiana and have begun the process of addressing their various cadre community needs and building the foundation for future activities and growth. These include:

To meet the needs globally, we have also created a global community cadre

Core Elements of LCCs:

Cadre needs vary based on each individual community and are identified through community cadre members. However, core elements central to all cadres are:

  • Collaboration and Networking is the overarching element and foundation necessary for all cadres. This involves the facilitation, bridging and collaboration across medical organizations, schools, and community groups, as well as families and individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related developmental disabilities to enable sharing of consistent and comprehensible information and resources across these diverse systems.
  • Information Sharing is the reciprocal dialogue between cadres, HANDS in Autism®, and communities. This element facilitates shared knowledge and responsibility in an effort to address the needs of individuals and families.
  • Dissemination through written products and developed tools ensures the cadre community is aware of available trainings and resources that can be utilized to enhance their understanding and work with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder..
  • Training is provided to local stakeholders within the community to advance the local and state-wide capacity to sustain and provide consistency in knowledge and implementation of scientifically-based methods with individuals and families affected by affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and related developmental disabilities.

How did LCCs Start?

In September 2010, HANDS conducted a summit to facilitate the development of Local Community Cadres within six regions of the state. The expectation was that Cadres would consist of regional representatives from across medical, school, community, and family systems to join together to take action in meeting the identified local community needs of individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder or related developmental disabilities. With regional representation, such groups would be able to work together on individualized needs for their local areas with their respective culture, resources, and systems at mind. It is for this reason we have limited cadre participation to the one area for which each cadre member most strongly represents whether that be by residence, job location, or proximity to either.

Who is Active/Represented in the Community?

The cadres are comprised of family members, education personnel, medical professionals, postsecondary representatives, policy and advocacy groups, and community providers invested in serving individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related developmental disabilities in that area. Representation also includes families as well as members who provide services and supports from early childhood through adult services and across the full ranges of needs and services for those with ASD.

How can I get involved?

There is no better time to get involved than now! The LCC group facilitates connections across community providers, caregivers, and systems through shared dialogue and information pertaining to the regional needs and interests pertaining to information, training and dissemination. Your involvement could include participation through general awareness of the existence of the cadres and of the HANDS in AutismĀ® Local Community network as a resource to communities, further involvement in specific opportunities or events of interest, and/or involvement in the decision-making, input and creativity during meetings, in survey responses, and in sponsorship/assistance in carrying out the events. We look forward to your participation and involvement!

How much time will I be asked to commit as a cadre member?

There is not a time commitment required of cadre members. Cadre members are asked to be involved for as little or as much as they want or have available. An online community and listserv is available for cadre members as a way for everyone to stay engaged and access available resources. As a cadre member, you can choose to attend all of the meetings, only the meetings you are interested in, events supported by the cadre, dissemination activities or even limit your involvement to the online community. Your participation level is up to you and we welcome everyone no matter the amount of time they are able to commit! Your participation is also confidential in that your contact information, comments, and input through polls, surveys, and other contributions, will only be used by the HANDS in AutismĀ® team for communications. Any input or data collected will be used in a collective, aggregated form, unless otherwise noted. Such participation informs not only your community needs but those of your region and the state given the diversity that exists statewide in regards to services, resources, success, and needs.

What Activity Types are LCCs Involved In?

The types of activities held by each community cadre depends on the needs of the area and include but are not limited to workshops for parents, school personnel, medical professionals, and community providers, participation in events organized by the community members, dissemination opportunities where informational materials or resources are shared across your community or to targeted groups, networking events, opportunity to participate in polls and surveys informing such activities, and more!

What if I Have More Questions on LCCs or Would Like to Join?

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