Mailing Lists

HANDS in Autism® offers multiple FREE periodical newsletters tailored to your interests and needs. Sign up today for the latest news, newly added resources and templates, and other learning opportunities. Here are the newsletters we currently offer:

eUpdates (twice a month)

E-updates keep you in-the-know for what new services, events, opportunities and resources are being provided by HANDS. Also receive highlights about our office and the HANDSmade™ interns who work with us. 

Practical Pointers (weekly)

Practical Pointers are practical advice and resources sent straight to your inbox. We offer content in four different categories:

  • Families and Caregivers
  • Medical Environments
  • Classroom Environments
  • Life with ASD

Each newsletter contains a brief tip on strategies, supports, resources, etc. that could be tried out the same day!

Other Newsletters Available:

  • Local Community Cadres Newsletter (monthly; LCC members only). Learn more about LCCs
  • Newsletter from the Indiana Interagency Autism Coordinating Council (monthly; IIACC members only). Learn more about IIACC
  • “Healthcare Bound”Newsletter for Healthcare Professionals in Clinical Training and Their Educators (monthly). Learn about training opportunities, internships, resources, and supports that will help you advance your skill in working with/treating individuals with ASD.

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