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Access   06/13/2018: Highlights: Training Opportunities with HANDS in Autism

Access   05/23/2018: Highlights: Job Opportunities with HANDS

Access   05/09/2018: Highlights: Justice Poll

Access   04/25/2018: Highlights: A Show of HANDS

Access  04/11/2018: Highlights: Autism Awareness Month

Access   03/14/2018: Highlights: Local Community Cadres

Access   02/14/2018: Highlights: Indiana Needs Assessment

Access   01/24/2018: Highlights: 2018 Professional Development Opportunities

Access   01/10/2018: Highlights: Happy New Year from HANDS in Autism®!


Access   12/27/2017: Highlights: Indiana Needs Assessment

Access  12/13/2017 :Highlights: Meet the HANDSmade™ Interns Words: Hot Cocoa

Access   11/29/2017: Highlights: Banner Competition Open Voting

Access   11/15/2017: Highlights: IIACC

Access  11/01/2017: Highlights: Traveling Tips

Access  10/19/2017: Highlights: Kid’s Corner Fall Craft

Access  10/04/2017: Highlights: Game Night Tips

Access  08/09/2017: Highlights: Classroom Choreography