NDI Community Training

Welcome to the Community Training page. Here is our schedule for today:

  1. Tech check-in: our team member will help you set up and start the video and use the Padlet.
  2. Video Review and Questions: Watch the video and add questions to the Padlet board. This will help us make sure that all your questions get answered during Part 2!
  • You can pause the video and rewatch as needed. Come back to this page at a later date if you need a refresher on how to use strategies and supports in your setting.

  • To add your question or thought, click on the PLUS sign in the lower right corner.

3. Live Discussion and Planning: information and strategies pertinent to the NDI patient

  • Beginning the next phase: NDI Unit review
  • Transition and Stabilization in the Community: Community Coaching and Check-Ins

4. Lingering Questions