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The HANDS in Autism® team works to facilitate shared dialogue, awareness, and consistent use of evidence-based practices towards the best positive outcomes once the individual transitions back to the community from the NDI. This work begins prior to admission with the pre-admission contacts followed by options for self-paced and self-directed options for online and other learning while the individual is on the unit.  Post-discharge, the focus is on more active and direct engagement across all collaborative team members towards greater integration and sustainability of progress as the individual returns to community life. Here are the key parts of our collaboration with you and your team:

Below are resources and opportunities designed to support and guide the community team throughout the journey.

Download helpful resources and workbooks for you to use before admission, during trainings, and post-discharge.

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Community Needs Pre-assessment

HANDS in Autism® team members will conduct web-based and/or live pre-admission assessment through interview and/or observation across settings to understand the context of the individual and as a means of best informing unit and discharge planning.

Pre-Admission Information


Learning While Your Child is Admitted


Post-Discharge Collaboration

Do you have even 15 minutes a day available? Consider using these 15 minute chunks across the time of admission and beyond to learn through our self-paced modules. You will need an IU guest account. Did you not receive or forgot your access code? Request a new one by emailing More on IU Expand
You will need an IU guest account to access. Did you not receive or forgot your access code? Request a new one by emailing More on IU Expand

Do you need ideas and quick access to evidence-based tools you could implement at home or work? Check out our Tools & Resources section:

  • How-To Templates and Resources
  • Life with ASD (tools and resources for teenagers and adults with ASD)
  • Kids Corner (non-academic activities)
  • Academia (academic activities)

We know you have questions and we welcome them at our Free Open Office Hours (Tuesdays and Thursday). Explore and register to get the access link

  Do you prefer live experiences with our trainers? We’ve got you covered! Join us for numerous opportunities to learn how to support your child with ASD across lifespan and settings! Explore Live Workshops & Webinars

Explore the person-centered LifeCourse tools:

  • Trajectory for Exploring
  • Trajectory for Planning
  • Integrated Support Star

Roadmap for Accessing HANDS Services

Roadmap for accessing HANDS services through Involvement in the NeuroDiagnostic Institute (NDI). Download flyer as a pdf using the Download button below