The HANDS in Autism Philosopy

The HANDS program is a joint effort between the Christian Sarkine Autism Treatment Center, Clarian Health Partners, and Riley Hospital for Children with the goal of developing and implementing an intensive training program. The HANDS program has evolved beyond this intensive training core to also include informational and training opportunities across the various levels of learning. The original intensive week-long training was designed particularly for professionals working with children who have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Participants will gain tools to facilitate learning development of children affected by an ASD. The curriculum is structured to include multiple opportunities to directly practice, implement, and receive modeling and feedback regarding the strategies taught with children with an ASD in a mock classroom environment. This intensive training program is based upon the following:

  • a focus on individuals strengths of each student
  • a focus on comprehensive training (i.e., assessment thru goal development)
  • hands-on learning with children of various levels of functioning and challenge
  • training in a model of didactics combined with modeling, practice, and feedback in a supportive coaching environments
  • training to multiple caregivers working hands-on with individuals with autism in various environments
  • provision of training based on a "best practices" approach to assessment and intervention
  • development of curriculum and behavioral planning based on data-driven decision making
  • a focus on positive partnering between caregivers
  • an intent to build local capacity of teams

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To learn about these strategies, view our e-module on ABA Philosophy (HANDS in Autism Diamond)


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