Indiana Autism Needs Assessment

HANDS in Autism® at the IU School of Medicine has been invited to conduct an analysis of the current resources and services related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Indiana. The results of this analysis will help to inform the comprehensive plan for collaboratively and strategically strengthening the supports among systems for families and individuals with ASD.

One component of this analysis involves the completion of a comprehensive needs assessment. We are seeking input from all perspectives, whether as a family member, individual with ASD, medical provider, school personnel, justice system employee, or other community service provider. For this assessment to be representative of the many stakeholder groups that support individuals with ASD as well as reflective of the needs of individuals with ASD themselves, we need participation from as many people and from as many viewpoints as possible. All responses will be confidential and only summary data will be shared with the state and as part of the report and recommendations provided to the state.

Please take a moment to complete the survey and feel free to also share this information with others who may provide insight. The survey will take approximately 10- 15 minutes to complete. If you are interested in completing a hard copy survey or know of others who may be interested in completing a hard copy version of the survey, let us know as hard copies are available upon request.

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Vocational and Transition Services Needs Assessment

In an effort to assess the needs for training, support, and resources, across levels and in practice regarding vocational and transitional services, the HANDS in Autism® Interdisciplinary Training and Resource Center in coordination with the Bureau of Rehabilitative Services is seeking your input! If you work with individuals who will access or have accessed transition services through your local school system, Vocational Rehabilitation, Bureau of Developmental Disabilities (BDDS), or other transition or adult service agencies, we would appreciate your participation in the Vocational and Transition Services Needs Assessment. Results from this survey will allow for a better understanding of the supports, training, services, and resources that are currently being used and accessed. These results will be used to help inform the successes, needs, and areas for improvement regarding transition, transitional planning, vocational rehabilitation, as well as other adult and community services.

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Autism Knowledge Survey

In an effort to explore the level of understanding and collaboration among autism community members, we are investigating the differences in beliefs and knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder across parents, educational personnel, medical professionals, and licensed therapists with varying levels of experience with autism. Please consider taking the survey knowing your input informs our work towards the fostering of a mutual level of understanding and more effective bridging of the systems of support that exist to help families, caregivers, and individuals affected by autism spectrum disorder. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete with all responses being anonymous.

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Research Opportunities at CSATC, IU School of Medicine and Riley Hospital for Children

The Christian Sarkine Autism Treatment Center (CSATC)  offers a number of opportunities for parents and individuals with ASD and related disabilities to participate in research.

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