Self-Advocacy Skills

Let’s start with some fun questions!


Being a self-advocate is tough! But it is a skill that everybody can learn. Let’s see key steps you need to be able to find information and ask for help as you need it!

Steps to Self-Advocate at Home, School, Work, or Community

  1. State the problem. You can start with words like I struggle…/It is difficult…/I don’t know…/It’s hard for me…
  2. Explain how you tried to solve the problem on your own. For example, I have tried…/I have used…/I have asked…
  3. State what you need that person to do. You can start with Could I please…/Could you please…/It would be helpful if…

Here is a situation for you to try out: ACCESS GOOGLE SLIDES

Self-Advocacy Escape Chamber

Now, that you have learned the basics of self-advocacy, challenge yourself with a Self-Advocacy Escape Chamber!

Try a Few More Situations