2-Day Intensive Admin Training

2-Day Virtual Intensive Administrator Training

This training is designed for administrators and teams. It will focus on essential components to programming for students with ASD and related disabilities. A special emphasis will be on administrative and evaluation tools track outcomes of classrooms and programming.

The tools help administrators and team leaders to focus their observations and evaluations and use objective methods of documentation. There will be demonstrations of these processes along with opportunities to practice. HANDS Trainers provide structured feedback, direction, and support to teachers and staff. Administrators will learn about essential evidence-based practices within their school while also being able to monitor change objectively and succinctly, direct conversation, make recommendations, and locate resources.

Date: TBA
Time: 8:30AM – 4:30PM
Cost: $250 (Virtual)

Scholarships and Training Waitlist

Yes, partial scholarships through HANDS in Autism are available to qualifying participants.

Learning is important to effectively support individuals with ASD. To make learning accessible for families and professionals, we have created a resource list featuring grants for individuals and also have partial scholarships available with approved applications.