5-Day Intensive Summer Training

HANDS in Autism® Week-Long Intensive Training for School Personnel

Implementation of evidence-based practices with students with ASD towards independence and inclusion

Summer 2021: July 5-9, July 19-23

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What is a week-long intensive training for school personnel?

Our training focuses on providing hands-on experience and coaching according to the HANDS in Autism® framework, curriculum and process for a range of school personnel, community service providers, administrators, and other preK-12 professionals working with students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related disabilities in school and community settings.

How long have the HANDS been holding this training?

For 16 years, we have been offering this training to school personnel and community members from across the state, nation and globally amassing  close to 500  alumni! Since the onset of COVID-19, we have offered this and other intensive trainings online as well. We hope you will attend the training and join in our alumni group, keeping  in touch and abreast of new opportunities with HANDS for years to come.

Week-long virtual experience, how will this work?

Our online training is similar to our live training with the exception of the live classroom experience. That is, we are designing interactive activities to allow opportunities for  engaging in practice of skills learned both independently and in groups, as well as opportunities for  ongoing feedback and mentoring from our HANDS trainers. Though we do have to warn you that just because you can take class while wearing your pajamas, it does not mean that the course is easy! To gain the skills that you can take with you to your school. office, or community setting, you will need to work with us just as hard in this online format as is required during the traditional onsite training!

What will the training look like?

It will still be a 5-day intensive training, but you do not have to beat the traffic to be on the IUPUI campus by 8 am or stay at the hotel for multiple nights! Instead you can learn a lot of new material, participate in discussion, and engage in interactive discussion and activities from the comfort of your own chair at home!

The training will take place across two platforms:

  1. Canvas, our learning management system, where you will access learning materials, videos, simulations, and individual and group activities, submit your quizzes and assignments, and receive individual feedback as planned, and
  2. Zoom, online conferencing platform, that we will use throughout the week to hold small group activities and large group discussions, provide modeling of techniques, and foster participation in other group assignments.

Participation across both platforms is required!

What will I learn?

Our intensive training is based on the comprehensive HANDS in Autism® Model composed of evidence-based behavioral and educational strategies rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA),  current literature and practice.  The Model provides the framework, curriculum and process for training participants in the flexibility to effectively set up the physical environment, understand the reasons behind student behaviors, and develop teaching and support strategies that will help students reach their potential in the educational setting and beyond. For more information, see the HANDS in Autism® HOUSE Model description on our Training & Services page.

What are the expectations of me?

  1. Participate! (in learning, assessment, including pre, post, and follow-up)
  2. Collaborate! (with your peers and HANDS trainers)
  3. Engage! (in small and large group discussion, submit your work, and enjoy the activities)

How can I participate?

You can access the training from any device: phone, tablet, or laptop. However, we would recommend using a larger device (e.g., laptop) to make your interaction with HANDS trainers, other learners, and materials easier.

What if I have technical problem in accessing Canvas or Zoom?

To fully participate in the course, we strongly recommend checking out the system beforehand. We will open the course a few days before the start of the training so you can explore Canvas, introduce yourself in the discussion, as well check out introductory activities. If you have any technical problems not related to the course materials, please contact the UITS Support Center at https://kb.iu.edu/d/abxl (use IUPUI campus) to ask for the IT support via chat, phone, or email.  We will also have multiple HANDS staff present during the event to support individuals needing assistance with specifics of the training.

What does the registration fee include?

The registration fee is $1,000 until June 1 and $1,250 thereafter.* The fee includes the following:

  • Active learning with our experienced trainers
  • Access to learning materials during the training course
  • Downloadable resources to use and share within the natural setting after the training
  • Unique virtual networking and training experience
  • 42 contact hours towards your professional development
  • Ongoing boosters after training to support the generalization in your setting
  • Connection with HANDS trainers and fellow participants for networking, collaboration and general support ongoing

Are Scholarships Available?

Yes, partial scholarships through HANDS in Autism are available to qualifying participants.

Learning is important to effectively support individuals with ASD. To make learning accessible for families and professionals, we have created a resource list featuring grants for individuals and also have partial scholarships available with approved applications.

Looking for a training that isn’t listed yet?

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