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Self-Paced Modules

Inspired by the new normal of working online and social distancing, HANDS in Autism has been working diligently to release a series of modules. These modules cover topics related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the implementation of evidence-based practices that allow individuals with ASD and those who know or provide services to them to strive for success. The courses are based in the Canvas LMS and are self-paced.

You can find a listing of our completion certificate-bearing courses on IU Expand.

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The following are courses that are currently available for no cost.

What is Autism: Characteristics, Considerations, Recommendations

Evidence-Based Practices: the What, the Why, and the How

Titles and Descriptions of Other Available Courses

TitleDescription and DurationEnroll Link
What is Autism: Characteristics, Considerations, RecommendationsIn this course, you will learn about characteristics of autism spectrum disorder, strengths and challenges of individuals with ASD, as well as the impact ASD has on individual lives. Duration: 1 hrENROLL in What Is Autism
Evidence-Based Practices: the What, the Why, and the HowIn this training, you will learn how to be a good steward of EBPs, using data to inform the decision of which EBPs to utilize and also tracking progress once the intervention is put into place. Duration: 1 hrENROLL in Evidence-Based Practices
Foundations of Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Intervention PlanThis course discusses the process of conducting a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) and developing a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP). You will also explore common pitfalls with the conduct and use of FBA and BIP. Duration: 1 hrENROLL in Foundations
Prompting for Success: Any Skill Level, Any SettingThis course discusses the use of prompts to teach skills and help individuals with ASD develop independence. We will also discuss the use of positive attention, block and ignore, and their use in a variety of settings. Duration: 1 hrENROLL in Prompting for Success
Strategies for Paraprofessionals: A Practical Guide for Classroom Support The set of modules addresses the foundational knowledge and skills that will help paraprofessionals best support individuals with ASD and others with social, communication, and behavioral challenges to be successful in a classroom/school setting. The course includes the overview of autism, visual and physical structure, development and use of visual supports, use of effective strategies and approaches for skills teaching. Duration: 6 hrsENROLL in Strategies for Paraprofessionals
Setting up for Success: Implementing Physical and Visual StructureIn this course, you will explore the importance of visual and visual structure in setting up an environment for an individual with ASD that allows them to be successful, understand expectations, and gain independence across settings. Duration: 1 hrENROLL in Setting up for Success
Foundations of Effective Goal WritingDo you cringe when needing to write goals? Is it a challenge to write goals that are individualized, meaningful, and useful in programming? Would it be helpful if goals written served to guide programming and outcomes? This course is perfect for you! Duration: 1 hrENROLL in Foundations of Effective Goal Writing
Show Me the Data: Choosing Data Collection Methods with Practical Application

Data collection, essential to successful planning and programming, can be an intimidating process, but when done well it can be straightforward and practical! In this training, you will explore methods for data collection that can even be implemented by data novices and will work in a busy classroom, home, or office setting. Duration: 1 hrENROLL in Show Me the Data
Practical Strategies for Collaboration: Home, School, CommunityIn this module, you will learn about ways to establish collaborative partnerships across school, family, and community in order to support individuals with ASD across lifespan and settings.ENROLL in Practical Strategies for Collaboration
Team Collaboration in School SettingsIn this module, you will learn about ways to establish collaborative partnerships across special and general ed teachers, classroom support staff, and other stakeholders in a school setting, including families and individuals with ASD. Practical suggestions are offered at every step of the way!ENROLL in Team Collaboration in School
Visual Schedules: From Designing to ImplementationIn this module, you will learn about creating visual daily schedules, mini or activity schedules, and work systems, as well as how to use them across settings and ages.ENROLL in Visual Schedules

Webinar Recordings

How-To VideoHow to Wrap a PresentA How-To video explaining how to wrap a present.
How-To VideoStop Light and CountDown BoardA How-To video explaining how Stop Light and CountDown boards are used as transition supports.
How-To VideoChoice BoardA How-To video explaining how to use a choice board during activities.
How-To VideoFirst-Then BoardA How-To video explaining how to use first-then boards.