Implicit Bias – Can We Overcome It?

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Implicit Bias (For Dignity and Respect)

Strategies for Overcoming Implicit Biases

* Identify and Evaluate Your Own Biases (source)

Reflect on your own biases: Set aside time to understand your biases by taking a personal inventory of them.

Be mindful of biases and your reactions: Think when you may be more susceptible to quick decisions. When you are tired or hungry? Annoyed? If you’re feeling stressed, take 3 slow breaths, collect your thoughts, and see if you are rushing with your decision

Take a different perspective: Imagine yourself in “their shoes”

Slow down and prevent your snap judgements: Before jumping to conclusions about others, remind yourself of positive examples of people from their age group, disability, ethnicity, and so on. This can include friends; colleagues; or public figures, such as athletes, members of the clergy, or local leaders.

Every person is different!  Remind yourself that all people are different and are not necessarily like others in their group! Focus on the things you have in common.

It takes time!: Overcoming unconscious biases takes time. It may take you your whole life, but with practice you will find yourself being more mindful and open to differences.

Help others learn and break myths or assumptions they may have! Be the advocate! Share differences! Be an example!

* Be Aware and Proactive in Being More Inclusive

* Spend Time with People Who Are Different from You

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