Self-Advocacy for Building Resilience and Autonomy


  • Define self-advocacy and self-determination
  • Identify situations where self-advocacy is important or needed
  • Identify difference between self-advocacy and complaining
  • Brainstorm actions that are required in situations where self-advocacy is needed.

Would Your Rather…? Icebreaker

How Was it Playing This Game?

We already practiced making choices! Thinking and deciding what is good for you is the first step towards good self-advocacy!

  • Can you give us an example, where you had to make a choice between two options or things? How did it feel like? Did you get help from anybody when you were making a decision?
  • What about an example, where you wanted to make a choice, but somebody else made it for you? How did that feel like?
  • What about an example, where you had to make a choice, but BOTH options were not that good? How did it feel? Did you get help making your choice?

Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy

Let’s Learn More about Self-Advocacy

Self-Advocacy OR Complaining

Self-Advocacy Video

Let’s Explore Self-Advocacy Situations