Make It – Take It (MITI)

This workshop series is designed to educate participants about evidence-based strategies, learn how to use these strategies with individuals with ASD across settings, as well as to discuss and plan various materials tailored for the individual(s) you know.

This interactive workshop will provide an opportunity to learn about and create tools used to support individuals with ASD. Each session will focus on a different area of interest.  

Cost: Currently FREE, usually $35 per person

Upcoming Virtual Workshops

3-5pm EST
Physical and Visual StructureExplore key considerations for visual and visual structure that will help individuals with ASD be successful, understand expectations, and gain independence across settings.
3-5pm EST
Schedules & Work SystemsLearn how to create visual daily schedules, mini or activity schedules, and work systems, as well as how to use them across settings and ages. Make your own and take them to your setting!
3-5pm EST
Proactive Behavioral SupportsPractical intervention across settings: Behavioral strategies that are effective for all
3-5pm EST
Sensory ConsiderationsLearn about sensory processing challenges and strategies that work across settings
06/02/2022Social SkillsExplore strategies to teach social skills across ages
3-5pm EST
Collaboration & AdvocacyLearn components for effective collaboration and creating an effective team between home and school
3-5pm EST
3-5pm EST
Tasks & AdaptationsUsing a strengths-based model to make adaptations to tasks that work
3-5pm EST
Data-Driven Decision Making
3-5pm EST
Goal WritingStruggling with creating SMART goals for your classroom or work setting? This MITI is perfect for you!