Sensory Needs

Explore sensory ideas and activities

Sensory Kits – What are they?

Who are sensory kits for?

What are some common sensory sensitivities in individuals with ASD?

How to Make a Sensory Kit

How do I individualize my sensory kit?

How to Use a Sensory Kit

Reason for Request: ‘Request a Sensory Kit for Personal Use (FREE)”


Consider donating items to sensory kits for individuals in need!

Steps to Donate:


Are you a part of a group or organization with time to volunteer time to put sensory kits together?

Steps to Assemble:


Do you have connections to community members or professionals with a need for sensory tools?

Steps to Distribute:

Ages: < 5

*IMPORTANT: Make sure there are no choking hazards in this kit

Ages: 5-10

Ages: 11+

Downloadable Sensory Resources:

Current Sensory Kit Partners / Sponsors:

Kappa Kappa Kappa Inc.
funding, production, and dissemination

Cheer Guild & Child Life at
Riley Children’s Health at Indiana
University Health
support in initial development