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Sensory Kits for Home, School, Doctor’s Office, or Community

A sensory kit is a great tool to address sensory needs of individuals with ASD. It may include various activities and/or objects that can potentially help reduce anxiety, frustration, and/or resulting behaviors and allow the individual to better focus on daily tasks and activities. Sensory kit items may include objects that address a variety of sensory needs and can be used in any setting or context that may cause anxiety and stress – from waiting rooms or emergency situations to unstructured times (e.g., waiting, recess, car rides).

If you would like to request a sensory kit for yourself (FREE), purchase sensory kits for your office/event to distribute to families, classrooms, or other settings, or donate items and/or time to put sensory kits together, please fill out the form below. If you donate sensory items, sensory kits will be put together by HANDSmade (TM) interns.

Wishlists for sensory bag items are available on Amazon and Oriental Trading (depending on the item type).

Current Sensory Kit Parners/Sponsors:

Kappa Kappa Kapp Inc. (funding, production,
and dissemination)

Cheer Guild and Child Life at
Riley Children’s Health at Indiana
University Health (support in initial development)


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