Is it a cold, or the flu?

It may be challenging for many individuals with ASD to understand spoken health-related language. Using visual supports can simplify such communication. Help them distinguish between common cold and flu by using this colorful check-off list to identify symptoms of a common cold versus the flu. Download it here

Air Travel Tips

With many planning to travel this fall, we want to help minimize the stress and anxiety that travel might bring on individuals with ASD and related disabilities. Read through these Tips for Air Travel before you get away to be proactive in making the most of your upcoming trip!  Download the free resource:  For a full airplane travel starter kit:  

Interactive Learning: Favorite Tools of Our Alumni

Across several online intensive trainings, we asked our participants to share their favorite app for interactive online learning. Here are the top ones: Kahoot – Lets you create your own quizzes that can be shared with students. Enter name and code to be able to join. Can screen share via zoom. Nearpod – create interactive activities to

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“Sensory Experiences” Poster Now Distributed by Southeast LCC (CLICK TO ACCESS)

The Southeast Region LCC has informed the adaptation and process for sharing and use of the HANDS in Autism® Sensory Experiences poster (previously known as Sensory Man). The goal of the resource is to increase shared understanding, communication, advocacy, and self-advocacy, overall improving the quality of life for individuals with ASD in the community. Sensory

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