01 Self-Advocacy in the Workplace

Icebreaker: What Would You Do on a Rainy Day?

Being a Self-Advocate:

Some of the best information for helping people with disabilities at school, work, and community comes from self-advocates. But many self-advocates share that the two of the hardest things for people with disabilities to do are:

  • Talking about their disability
  • Identifying their strengths

There’s nothing easy about being a self-advocate, and talking about your disability. See what some self-advocates shared:

What is Self-Advocacy?

Why is Self-Advocacy Difficult?

Self-Advocacy or Complaining?

Self-Advocacy Tips for Teens

Self-Advocacy Escape Room

If Time… Disability Disclosure at Workplace

This will be the topic for our discussion next week, but if we have time, let’s have a preview!