Flex ogbon Ipenija # 1 Winner: Gabe

Alarm Clock Challenge Winner

gabe's alarm clockHands in Autism®’s first FLEX skills challenge winner for the Alarm Clock challenge is Gabe Helvering! We asked “Do you use an alarm?” Gabe replied back, “I do have an alarm clock. I do not use it but I woke up by myself. I know what time it is all the time.” Congratulations Gabe on being our first Flex Skills Challenge Winner.

gabeGabe’s mom says “Gabe’s sense of timing is uncanny….so he doesn’t use anything but his brain to wake up on cue….  crazy! But he is ALWAYS happy when he gets up and runs to the kitchen to start his breakfast routine. This picture shows his enthusiasm for each new day….(it takes me at least 5 cups of java to put on that face!).”

We would like to have you submit your pictures, videos, and/or written responses for our second challenge:

Preparing a Meal or Cooking.

Choose how you would like to share your skills by:

  1. Uploading a cooking video
  2. Sharing a picture of your favorite food
  3. Responding with your favorite recipe
  4. Making note of the recipe or ingredients you use for your favorite snack or meal.

Submit your response(s) through July 8!

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