Looking for a place to stay or things to do while visiting HANDS in Autism® and the Indianapolis area? We’ve got you covered with nearby hotels, coffee shops, meeting places, and more!

Disclaimer: The cost of lodging is the responsibility of the trainee/visitor.  This list does not constitute an endorsement of any specific hotel as HANDS staff does not have familiarity with the individual hotels on the list, nor is the list inclusive of all hotels in the area surrounding our location. Reviews can be found by searching TripAdvisor: or other hotel review sites. 

Getting to our Center

There is a circle drive drop-off location at the main doors of our building (circled in red above) if getting dropped off at the HANDS Center.

The nearest visitor parking is in the Lockefield Parking Garage directly across from the HANDS Center (on the corner of Wishard Blvd and University Blvd). Parking expenses are the responsibility of the trainee/visitor. Find parking rates here.

Please contact HANDS in Autism® with any questions or concerns – we can’t wait to see you!