HANDS History Timeline

IUSM service day 2018Since 2004, our Center went through several major milestones thanks to the dedicated team and collaborative partners. The following is a brief synopsis of our history. From 2004, to today

Building the foundation:


Acquisition of CDC earmark, recruit personnel, develop analogue classroom, travel and consultation with experts (e.g., UCLA, UCSD, LEAP, PCDI, Walden, TEACCH, Douglass DDC), develop website, newsletter, and various outreach events.

Designing the training foundation and curriculum:


Conduct pilot and first full summer training session, continue team development, ongoing events (e.g., CSATC Annual Conference), begin Annual Awareness Fair, Make It Take It, and revised Next Steps, acquisition of funding (i.e., CDC, NMPT)

Extension of training model:


autism-awareness-fair-2006continue popular events (e.g., MITI, Next Steps, Awareness Fair, Annual Conference), continue team development, expand summer training to 3 session, origination of innovative outreach efforts (e.g., HANDS made, Autism Trailer), begin IPS Collaboration, HANDS presentation at international meetings (e.g., ABA), acquire additional support (e.g., IN DOE, NMPT, FOE)

Expansion of training model:


Continue outreach events, expand outreach materials, develop first IPS collaborative classroom, begin 2nd community classroom collaboration, ABA symposium presentation, continued support mechanisms (e.g., INDOE, FOE)


ASI-award-banquet-2008Refine outreach events and materials, summer training and community collaborations, extend liaising efforts (medical and educational), and further integrate into special education and research communities (e.g., IMFAR, ABA, NATTAP, book chapters/articles), extend support mechanisms (e.g., INDOE, FOE, endowment, other)


Refine training/outreach (e.g., web design and modules), multiple potential collaborations opportunities, increasing focus and capacity with community medical professionals (e.g., toolkits, presentations), and continued financial support

HANDS in Autism Center:


Summer Training 2011expansion of training/outreach opportunities and web presence (e.g., modules, webinars, webcasts), multiple collaborations opportunities, increasing focus and capacity within the community (families, educational and medical professionals, and other members of the community), IUH Values grant to expand education and training to medical professionals, continued financial support, summit for LCC development


Initial development and successes of Local Community Cadre chapters


Recruited for representation in the media, advisory boards, community committees, etc.; train the trainer summit towards a new level of implementation and local capacity


IUSM HANDS in Autism LogoHANDS in Autism® as an IUSM Auxiliary, small grants and foundations, diversification of services and products

Larger state projects:


spring-fall-VR-training2014HANDS becomes FSSA/BDDS sponsored facilitator of the Indiana Interagency Autism Coordinating Council (IIACC); Chair of session at ABAI Autism; HANDS as a Research Core for CTSI; student project teams


Expansion of HANDSmade™ supported employment programming, VR service provision and development of intensive trainings for VR providers with support from FSSA/Bureau for Rehabilitative Services


Singapore visit to Indiana 2016Beginning international consultation for St. Andrew’s Autism Centre in Singapore


Summer Training 2017Expansion as PreETS provider for FSSA/Bureau for Rehabilitation Services

Innovation and sustainability through