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Exercise Game: Chutes and Ladders

Exercise Game: Chutes and Ladders



If you are looking for ways to introduce more physical activity breaks to your classroom or home, check out the game created for one of our Virtual Small Groups sessions devoted to fighting sedentary life!


  • COPY the game to you drive (so you can always play it later with your friends). The game is created using Google Jamboard
  • OPEN the digital dice (or you can use a physical one if you have)
    Remember, some of these activities, like Climb a Ladder, you will need to climb a PRETEND ladder! Have fun!


  1. Choose your token and place on the START square
  2. Roll the dice (or let the teacher roll it for you!)
  3. Move your token that many spaces forward and do what the square says. If you land on the square with a ladder, CLIMB UP (never down). If you land on the top of a chute, PARACHUTE DOWN to a lower square.
  4. When you reach the FINISH square, cheer on the others


Use My Turn-Your Turn cards to structure turn-taking


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