2023 HANDS in Autism® Summer Training Institute: Building Community Leaders in Evidence-Based Practices

2023 Training Dates:

Multiweek Intensive Online Training:

  • Weekly online meetings from 1 to 4 pm EST on the following dates (independent study time is required):
    • June 9 | June 16 | June 23 | June 30 | July 5 | July 14 (optional on-site attendance)

Single Week Intensive Training (Online or Onsite)

  • Daily training from 8 am to 5 pm EST on July 10-14

As busy professionals, you need flexibility as to when and how you can develop your professional skills. With the new training structure offered by HANDS in Autism®, you can select from meeting online ONCE A WEEK + INDEPENDENT STUDY TIME (6 days total) to scheduling one SINGLE WEEK of intensive training online and/or onsite (5 full days).

About Our Intensive Training

Our training focuses on providing hands-on experience and coaching according to the HANDS in Autism® framework, curriculum, and process for a range of education personnel, community service providers, administrators, and other professionals working with individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related disabilities in school and community settings.

Since 2005, we have been offering this training to education & community service personnel from across the state, nation, and globally - amassing over 500 alumni! We have offered this and other intensive trainings online as well. We hope you will attend the training and join in our alumni group, keeping in touch and abreast of new opportunities with HANDS for years to come.
We are happy to welcome a range of school personnel, community service providers, administrators, and other preK-12 professionals working with students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related disabilities in school and community settings.
This year, HANDS in Autism® will continue offering our Intensive 5-Day or Multi-Week Trainings as online, onsite, and hybrid options to better meet your needs and schedule! We have made important modifications to the training format and structure--carefully considering the impact that online training and learning may have on all areas relating to essential elements in programming for success for individuals with ASD and others with social, communication and behavioral disorders. The use of evidence-based principles and practices are no less relevant in the current context; but with more online and/or hybrid (i.e., online and live) efforts, the application of these principles is paramount. Effective adaptations and collaborations must be used to ensure, wherever and however the instruction is delivered, that essential elements for successful intervention are implemented to attain the most successful outcomes.
Our intensive training is based on the comprehensive HANDS in Autism® Model composed of evidence-based behavioral and educational strategies rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), current literature, and practice.  The Model provides the framework, curriculum and process for training participants in the flexibility to effectively set up the physical environment, understand the reasons behind student behaviors, and develop teaching and support strategies that will help students reach their potential in the educational setting and beyond. Topics including proactive supports, classroom and community accommodations, goal setting, skills assessment and teaching. You will engage in:
  • Interactive practice, coaching, and feedback within simulated and video-based formats
  • Awọn ijiroro to wulo nipa awọn ipinnu ipinnu iṣoro ti o ṣiṣẹ kọja awọn eto ati awọn alaabo
  • Experiences perfect for new and experienced teachers, para-professionals, administrators, job coaches, transition specialists, coordinators & other community providers.
Fun alaye diẹ sii, wo ỌWỌ ni Autism® HOUSE Awoṣe apejuwe lori wa Ikẹkọ & Awọn iṣẹ oju-iwe.  
  1. Participate! (in learning & assessments, including pre, post, and follow-up): Regardless whether you are in a virtual or onsite environment, our learning activities are synchronous and team-based with multiple breakouts, design and development, and hands-on experiences with students. To learn, you MUST participate!
  2. Collaborate! (with your peers and HANDS trainers): Whether it is a small group discussion or teaching activities for students, you are learning as part of a team!
  3. Engage! (in small and large group discussions, submission of your work, and enjoyment of activities): To better remember new skills and tie them in with what you already know, you need to practice! Engaging across all types of activities will help you with that!
  1. Canvas, our learning management system, where you will access learning materials, videos, simulations, and individual and group activities, submit your quizzes and assignments, and receive individual feedback as planned
  2. Zoom, an online conferencing platform, that we will use throughout the week to hold small group activities and large group discussions, provide modeling of techniques, and foster participation in other group assignments.
Ikopa kọja awọn iru ẹrọ mejeeji jẹ beere! O le wọle si ikẹkọ lati ẹrọ eyikeyi: foonu, tabulẹti, tabi kọǹpútà alágbèéká. Sibẹsibẹ, a yoo ṣeduro lilo ẹrọ ti o tobi ju (fun apẹẹrẹ, kọǹpútà alágbèéká) lati jẹ ki ibaraenisepo rẹ pẹlu awọn olukọni HANDS, awọn akẹkọ miiran, ati awọn ohun elo rọrun.
The registration fee is $1,000 until June 1 and $1,250 thereafter (see scholarship & grant opportunities available in next tab). *The fee includes the following:
  • Active learning with our experienced trainers
  • Wiwọle si awọn ohun elo ikẹkọ lakoko ikẹkọ ikẹkọ
  • Awọn orisun igbasilẹ lati lo ati pinpin laarin eto adayeba lẹhin ikẹkọ
  • Nẹtiwọọki foju alailẹgbẹ ati iriri ikẹkọ
  • 42 contact hours towards your professional development
  • Awọn igbelaruge ti nlọ lọwọ lẹhin ikẹkọ lati ṣe atilẹyin gbogbogbo ni eto rẹ
  • Isopọ pẹlu awọn olukọni HANDS ati awọn alabaṣepọ ẹlẹgbẹ fun netiwọki, ifowosowopo ati atilẹyin gbogbogbo ti nlọ lọwọ
Yes, partial scholarships through HANDS in Autism are available to qualifying participants: SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION . Additionally, to make learning accessible for families and professionals, we have created a resource list featuring grants for individuals and also have partial scholarships available with approved applications. ACCESS THE LIST

Awọn agbapada & Awọn ifagile

Atẹle ni eto imulo ifagile wa ti o wulo lori gbogbo awọn iṣẹlẹ:

Gbogbo awọn iforukọsilẹ jẹ ipari, ati pe ko si awọn agbapada tabi awọn gbigbe ti yoo jade. Ti o ba rii pe o ko le wa si ipade ti a ṣeto, owo iforukọsilẹ rẹ le lo si wiwa rẹ ni igba iwaju laarin ọdun kalẹnda kanna ti o ba wa nipasẹ imeeli hands@iupui.edu tabi pipe 317-274-2675 o kere ju 72 wakati ṣaaju si ibẹrẹ iṣẹlẹ.

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