How-To Resources

These templates can be used across settings to support individuals with a range of disabilities on their path to success. Additionally, check out the themed sections for different settings to see a range of examples.

ImageTitleSupport Type
Autism Information Cards imageHow-To Autism Information CardsInformation
visual supports Stoplight and CountdownHow-To Stoplights and CountdownsTransition Supports
How-To First-Then BoardTransition Supports
How-To Use Visual SchedulesTransition Supports
How-To Use Activity SchedulesTransition Supports
How-To use Choice BoardsCommunication Supports
How-To Pulley CardsCommunication Supports
Social NarrativeHow-To Social NarrativesSocial Skills Supports
How-To Topic BoardsSocial Skills Supports
Play book sampleHow-To Playbooks and PlayscriptsSocial Skills Supports
My Turn/Your Turn CardsHow-To Your Turn/My Turn CardsSocial Skills Supports
Token Board (English)How-To Reward Systems (Token Board)Teaching Skills
Work Systems ExampleHow-To Work SystemsTeaching Skills
Sorting task exampleHow-To Sorting TasksTeaching Skills
How-To Sensory KitsSelf-Monitoring
How-To Voice ChartSelf-Monitoring